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Meet the Team

Our Board


Our Vision - Our Why
We exist to unite Christian faith leaders to serve with humility and love for the flourishing of all in the community.

Our Strategy
Movement West Michigan is the platform connecting Christian leaders to each other and to the needs in the community. We do this by unifying the followers of Jesus Christ to deepen our lived discipleship beyond church walls and by amplifying what God is doing in the community. 

The Problem
The followers of Jesus are disconnected from one another and therefore spend the necessary time, energy, and resources reinventing the wheel, doubling efforts, and missing opportunities to live fully into the transformative Gospel of Jesus Christ individually and collectively.

The Solution
Movement West Michigan is really a group of champions who desire to see the followers of Jesus Christ work together for the flourishing of the whole community. We do this by gathering data on the actual needs of the community and what is being done about it, by being a trusted relational partner of Christian leaders across sectors, by facilitating connections between Christian leaders on an individual and collective level, and by coordinating collective action to make a difference in the community.

Our Dream
Our dream is to see Holland and Zeeland transformed by every follower of Jesus in the Holland/Zeeland area intentionally growing in discipleship through relational partnership.


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