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Early Childhood ​


Ready for School

Ready for School exists to PREPARE CHILDREN up to five years old for success in kindergarten by EQUIPPING parents and families through the integrated SUPPORT of the Holland, Zeeland, and Hamilton communities.




Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow® connects families with children ages prenatal through five years old to local resources helping children grow up healthy and ready to succeed in school. 


Phone: 844-233-2244 (call or text)Email:

School Aged

Boys & Girls Club

After-school programs provided every Monday-Friday from 3:30-7 pm for students aged 1st-12th grade for just $5/year. The Boys & Girls Club exists to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.



Phone: 616-392-4102

Children’s After School Achievement (CASA) @ Hope College

Children’s After School Achievement (CASA) is a community after-school program of Hope College that promotes educational achievement among underrepresented children. By way of intentional collaboration with local schools, we seek to build strong learners in the early years of their education, support their right to quality education, and promote equal access to the tools they need to be successful. To do so, we partner with Hope College Education Department to offer one-on-one tutoring sessions to 60 elementary school students during the school year and individualized classroom instruction and enrichment to 85 students during a six-week summer program.



Phone: 616.395.7944




Midtown Center: Zeeland Adult Education

Zeeland Adult Education Program assists in reaching their educational goal and preparing them for their next step in education and/or employment. They offer free classes for students to earn a GED Certificate. They also offer free ESL classes for students to learn English. While studying for the GED all students will also participate in the Literacy to Work Program. This program is free of charge and will prepare students for their next stop in education and/or employment. 



Phone: 616-494-8803

Email: Brenda Bosch –

Reciprocal Language Partnership @ Iglesia Alas de Águila/Eagle’s Wings Church

The Reciprocal Language Partnership (RLP) mission is to build unity and cross-cultural understanding through the teaching and learning of languages.  The RLP classes pair native English speakers who want to learn Spanish with native Spanish speakers who want to learn English. There is a cost for the class.


Phone: Rachel Patmos –  (616) 738-3850

Email: Rachel Patmos –

Latin Americans United for Progress (LAUP)

As you prepare yourself to thrive in your career, flourish in your education, pursue a pathway to citizenship, or practice higher civic engagement, LAUP has programs to inspire, equip, and celebrate each step of the journey. Join their wonderful and diverse community by finding a program that empowers you to take hold of your future. LAUP proudly provides GED, ESL, Spanish, and Citizenship at little to no cost to the community 


Phone: 616-888-7225 

Read Ottawa

Read Ottawa provides Ottawa County adults with an opportunity to improve and transform their lives by strengthening their reading and language skills. Free one-on-one tutoring for any person 18 years or older. 



Phone: 616-843-1470

Good Samaritan Ministries Circles Program 

Circles® is a national program that brings together people of diverse incomes in an effort to open doors in our community and help financially struggling individuals and families achieve their goals. In Circles, low-income individuals, known as Circle Leaders, and middle and upper-income individuals, known as Circle Allies, build friendships that cross social and cultural divides and learn about one another’s lives. Each week, Leaders and Allies come together to share a meal, encourage one another in pursuing goals, and learn skills that will help them achieve those goals. Skill development is organized into themes including Financial Literacy, Professional Development, Healthy Relationships, and Emotional Wellness.



Phone: 616-392-7159


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